Paper Converter Knives & Precision Laser Cutting
Cutoff knives, perforator blades, slitter-ring segments, thumb notch knives

Industrial Cutting Blades to Your Specifications

The combination of precision laser cutting and over 40 years of knife grinding experience allows us to create the paper converter knife that you need for each application. Cutoff knives, perforator blades, slitter-ring segments, thumb notch knives, etc., can be made to your specifications or shipped from our in house stock.

Cutoff knives
perforator blades
slitter-ring segments

What Our Customers Say

thumb notch knives

Aside from friendly, courteous service, on-time delivery and maintaining costs I would say the convenience of using e-mail for orders is an added plus, speeds up the whole process.

Paper Converter Knives

We had a very difficult application that other companies failed to deliver a working solution. Quality Saw had the perfect product for a precision cut and met our timeline. We are very pleased.

Precision Laser Cutting

As a customer for ten plus years I can say I have never been disappointed with products from Quality Saw. Their attention to detail and insistance on a happy customer keeps us coming back.